Magnificent March 2020

Every month on Stenonymous, we bring you job opportunities. This month we’re going to do something different and take all the job opportunities away. Just kidding. Before I start giving boring sermons about the importance of mentoring, let’s start with an announcement I saw from court reporter and Vice President of Local 1070, Renee Belmar. I reached out to her, and she had one message she wanted me to add, “Let them know we need reporters.” If you ever had doubts about signing up for the next civil service test, it’s time to cast them aside! We need you.

Moving along, an anonymous source reported the following in early February: Kings County grand jury tested on February 4, 2020. The participants were made to write the test on the Kings County DA’s equipment and struggled with it. Queens GJ will be seeking reporters soon or is currently. Special Narcotics may be doing testing later this year. Keep going, jobseekers! If you don’t get it one time, you’ve got it the next. Progress is slow. Success is cumulative. On the flip side, I get what you’re going for, KCDA, but maybe having people write on their own writers for the test would lead to slightly better results. It can be really hard to take down stuff on a machine that’s new to you or in a different position than usual. For example, I did an interview recently where they had my machine propped up on boxes, and it was a bit different to write that way.

Please note that NCRA keeps a job board. It’s far better than my monthlies and might just give you a gateway to your dream job. If you want a break from steno life and want to jump into advocating for sten, check out career opportunities at NCRA.

With that, and more in line with our regularly scheduled programming, DANY, KCDA, Richmond, and Special Narcotics have no official postings. Bronx’s District Attorney has still got a posting up for a grand jury reporter. Queens DA’s website is still under construction, so jobseekers might want to call into the grand jury bureau or HR and see if any openings are expected soon. To my knowledge, there is no citywide DCAS test before April 2020.

The statewide provisional posting for court reporter is still active. If you are somebody who is preparing for the civil service test, the provisional opening is a great way to start your career with the state system. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they’re talking about opening testing or filing in Fall 2020, whether it’s posted to the exams page 2020 or 2021, it’s coming, and you can get ahead of the game by practicing now.

Please know there are openings for federal court in the Eastern District of New York and Southern District of New York, including a whole bunch of other states. This is a great time to be a stenographer seeking work. You’ve got the skill, now you’ve just got to reach out and grab the work.

As always, feel free to like, comment with more jobs, or even promote your agency below. Keep posting jobs to social media. Helping people find the work is one of the ways to beat shortage. We can only do that together.


The Eastern District posting closed on February 28th. I write many posts a few days ahead of time and use an automated scheduler to post them. Great example of why it’s best for people looking for work to keep these links and check often.

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