What Is Stenonymous?

My dream job is for 3-6 million people to realize how great I am, throw me a dollar, and then I go on to use that money to fight for working people for the rest of my life. And if there’s one thing that donors can be sure of: I’ve got the guts. From the janitors and secretaries to the doctors and lawyers, people can trust me to do what’s right.

In the meantime, enjoy my blog. I like to consider it a great literary work™️.

The Background:

You’ll see my focus has always been on making the lives of working reporters easier. When I started school for this I was told court reporting sells itself, I was going to make so much money. I got out of school in 2010 just a bit after the 2008 economic crash and many of us were lowballed. The corporations of NYC were offering our class what was paid to reporters in the 1990s — said another way, I was working 40% more pages to have the same buying power as a reporter in 1990. I had to navigate this field during such a hard time, and had such a hard time doing it, that when I finally had some legs in the field, 2017, I started writing this blog to document tips, tricks, and events for reporters everywhere. I decided that, to the extent I can help it, no new reporter would be treated the way I was.

Sometime later I realized that the larger corporations in my field were lying to students, consumers, and the public. We are a field of the highest standards, and I thought that surely, in a field where we fight over comma placements, we would band together against illegal conduct occurring in our field. Then I had an unfortunate medical incident at the end of 2021 that I suspect dampened the traction my work was getting. I stayed the course and continued to assert myself as someone the working reporter can rely on and a fighter for market transparency. As my publishing gains support again, we show that we can stand united against the illegal and unethical conduct documented.

It is only possible thanks to Stenonymous readers like you. Thank you.


Basically all emergency responders and uniformed jobs. Why do we pay so little to the people we could never pay enough?

Phil Mason, Thunderf00t.

The Young Turks.

Fox News.

The New York Times.

Carl Sagan.

Lawrence Pugliares.

Raymond Cottrell.

And many, many more…