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****5/4/23 Notice. This page is being retired. The new resource page will be here.

I’m going to start compiling various reporter/stenography resources and sites here. Some of these will probably end up with their own blog posts, and that’s great, but for everything else, there’s this page. Take it as my miniature version of Steno Search.

Professional Associations:
List of associations I made in 2019.

NCRA – National Court Reporters Association. Association for stenography in the United States. They also have a Facebook and Youtube. Social Media Outreach Page.

BCSRA – British Columbia Shorthand Reporters Association. A nonprofit, professional association serving British Columbia’s court reporters.
NYSCRA – New York State Court Reporters Association. Association for stenography in New York State. They have a Facebook.
MCRA – Massachusetts Court Reporters Association.
FCRA – Florida Court Reporters Association.
CalDRA – California Deposition Reporters Association.
CCRA – California Court Reporters Association.
TCRA – Texas Court Reporters Association.
ACRA – Alabama Court Reporters Association.
ILCRA – Illinois Court Reporters Association.
CCRANJ – Certified Court Reporters Association of New Jersey.


Plaza College – Court reporting program in Queens County.
Alfred State – Court reporting program in New York State.
New York School of Court Reporting – White Plains court reporting school.
Realtime Center for Learning – Court Reporting Program in Garden City.
Startran Online – Court Reporting program online (theory).
Simply Steno – Court Reporting program online (speed building).
Mark Kislingbury – Steno genius, encourages short writing.
StenoKey – Steno training.
Magnum Steno – Steno training/theory.
Court Reporting At Home – Steno training.
LearnToCaption – Captioning program aimed at reporters.
NCRA A to Z – teaches basics of steno to help people gauge their interest in the field.
Open Steno – Open Steno Community and their chat room. Open Steno assists people with teaching themselves stenography for free. They have a Facebook.
Project StenoNot to be confused with Open Steno, this website hosts information and a contact email to gather information about court reporting and stenography.
NCRA Approved Schools – Features programs that may not be listed here.

Practice Dictation:

NYSCRA Dictation Library – Must be a NYSCRA member. Youtube.
Platinum Steno – Dictation Youtube. Seems to cap out at 225.
Shorthand Speed – Dictation. Seems to range from 80 WPM to 120 WPM.
Marc Greenberg – has some free dictation hosted here. States it is untimed dictation.
Sankar Rao – Dictation. Seems to cap out at 160.
Speed Steno Divas – Dictation. Seems to cap out at 240.
Steno Chels – Dictation. Seems to cap out at 225.
Court Reporting Tutor – Dictation. Seems to cap out at 220.
Steno Life – Dictation. Requires login.
Eileen Beltz – Dictation. Seems to cap out at 280.
Live Steno 4 You – Dictation. Claims live practice sessions. Seems to be a paid service.
Breck 225 – Breck Record’s YouTube. Varying speeds.
Champion Steno – Dictation. Varying speeds.
EV360 – Subscription-based dictation
Magnum Steno – 1 week free as of writing.
Stenotube – Dictation.  Seems to cap out at 280.
Realtime Coach – Paid dictation but offers free trial as of writing.
Speed Builders – Paid dictation reviewed favorably by Lady Steno.
Speed Clinic – Premium Dictation Workshop by Lady Steno.
Christine Moers’ YouTube – Lower speed lessons and tests. See playlists for more.
Chris Day’s YouTube – My dictation. Will probably cap out at 240.

Court Reporting Supplies:

Steno Works – Court reporting supplies.
Pengad – Court reporting supplies.
Acculaw – Court reporting supplies.
Stenograph – Court reporting manufacturer.
Eclipse – Court reporting manufacturer.


Court Reporters of Facebook – Huge collective of reporters.
Vent Uncensored – Huge collective of reporters. Different admins than original vent page.
Encouraging Court Reporting Students – Professionals and students connect.
Encouraging Steno Students – Professionals and students/newbies connect.
Study Reporting At Home – A Facebook group for students.
New York Job Board – Job posts for court reporters.
New York State Court Reporters Association – NYSCRA. Court reporting association of New York.
National Court Reporters Association – NCRA.
Plover Steno – Plover’s Facebook.

List of New York agencies I made in 2021.

Steno101 – Resource page for steno from Tricia Bidon.
Steno Jewels – Court reporting blog by Mary Ann Payonk.
Steno Jig – Webpage for learning/practicing steno by Joshua Grams.
Stenographers World – Podcast and CEU-earning platform.
Confessions of a Stenographer – Podcast by Shaunise Day.
Simple Brief – Identified by Matt Moss as one of the essential court reporting links. Seems to be a website devoted to student and court reporter issues.

MyLifeInSteno – Stephanie Hicks’s Etsy site. Cool stuff.
225 and Beyond – Newsletters devoted to court reporting.
Jadeluxe Documents the travel and career of a stenographer — really opens up the mind to the kind of places the field can take you if you dare.
Realtime Rich – Rich Germosen is a popular and successful realtime reporter. Though I do not know his stance on mentees he is someone to emulate.
Protect Your Record Project – Started by Kimberly D’Urso and Kelly Bryce Shainline to promote stenography.
Matt Moss’s Wizardry With Words – Identified as a Steno Star, Matt keeps a series of links and posts dedicated to steno.
Never Make The Reporter Mad – Rawls Law Blog Article.
SoCalReporters – An awesome blog that discusses issues like the reporter shortage.
CSR Nation – CR Online Boards/Jobs.
Lightning.Law – Platform to help reporters manage exhibits and payments.
Expedite App to find legal service providers, like reporters.
Glen Warner’s Site – Tons of tech, talk, and resources. Cheap & Sleazy.
Breck Record’s Youtube – Prominent morale booster for students everywhere.
Stanographer – Stanley Sakai’s Twitter. YoutubeBlog.
Steno Life – Another work of art by Marc Greenberg.
Steno Mod – Enthusiast / Amateur / Inexpensive stenotypes.
CR From Home – Brief video about how words are formed in steno.
Stenofabulous – A steno blog which seems aimed at interesting facts about reporting.
Mock Woman – Court Reporting internships by Ana Fatima Costa.
Student Corner – Blog for students.
Steno Blog – Blog that seems to relink to a lot of Open Steno stuff.
Ken Wick – Tons of CR English vids.
StenoWatchdog – Steno review site.
MGR – Great steno company blog.
Migliore – Industry leader blog.
Tori Pittman – Intersteno YouTube.
Stenoodie – Cool steno blog I found. Mostly reports on food.

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