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Contributions and Community.

One big need in reporting is a strong community. A forum where we might all be able to voice opinions and share ideas that might help the next person and be organized in such a way that people can find the information they need. There are tons of reporters, reporting students, and even non-reporters out there with so much to share. To that end, if you wish to contribute an article, it’s my understanding of this platform that we can do that. Write me over at ChristopherDay227@gmail.com, and I can hook you up with access to post or propose posts that I may then post under your name, whatever you choose your name to be for this site.

I do receive a lot of e-mails a day, so if for some reason I do not respond to you within a reasonable time, please do e-mail me again. Your time, your talent, and your attention is so important to me and every reader here, so don’t be too shy.

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