General Security Notice 8/26/17

For Readers and Subscribers

As a matter of honesty, the password to this account was apparently changed by an unknown third party sometime this week. I have checked the account and it does not appear any activity took place. If, for whatever reason, anyone received a strange comment or e-mail from this blog, disregard it, but at this time, I do not think that whoever changed the account password was able to view any subscriber data or edit any posts.

We have SMS Verification on Stenonymous, so a hacker would need to break into WordPress or be in control of my cellphone and the account information to do anything untoward.

As a general note on security, if you ever receive an e-mail from a company that states something has been changed, do not click links in that e-mail. Spoofing and phishing are powerful tools that scammers use to get your data. I will probably write a fuller blog on electronic security sometime in the near future, but for now I leave all with that bit of advice.

2 thoughts on “General Security Notice 8/26/17

    1. It should be fine. As an aside, I am scheduling a lot of future posts to fire automatically each morning. I can attempt to re-send the e-mail that would give you author privileges, if you wanted to do a counter article or add a new perspective on something that comes up in the coming days. For that matter, something that’s come up ever.

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