Elapsed Timestamps (CaseCAT)

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Step by step copy/paste on using elapsed time stamps. This information is obtainable via the CaseCAT help file or amazing CaseCAT trainers like Jill Suttenberg.

Side note, my next post will likely be on using characters per inch in Case to get characters per line.

Use the Reset Time format symbol to restart the Elapsed timestamps to 00 hours, 00 minutes, 00 seconds. Case CATalyst resets the timestamps beginning on the following line where you insert the Reset Time format symbol and continues forward through the file. This may be useful when a new witness begins testifying and it is necessary to track the amount of time the witness testifies. This command does not affect Clock timestamps.

Insert the Format Symbol

The following instructions use the default shortcut key assignment. Substitute the appropriate shortcut key if you have changed the assignment in the Format Symbol Options table.

Insert into the Transcript

1. Press Alt + v, s, p (View/Show/Timestamps) and select Elapsed to display timestamps in Elapsed format.

2. Position your cursor where you want to change the time.

3. Press Shift +F4 (Edit/Insert/Insert Format Symbol). From the format symbol list, select Reset Time. The timestamps change beginning on the next line.

keyboard icon v3 Keyboard Map Function: Insert Reset Time

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