CaseCAT: Characters per line using characters per inch.

Often in our field companies ask reporters to make a set amount of characters per line. CaseCAT, at least my version of it, doesn’t have that. You must use characters per inch. So you go to format, layout, page setup. Characters per inch. Now what you do depends on how many characters per line you want. For this example let’s say 52. Go to your paragraph setup and take note of your left margin and right margin. Let’s say it’s 1 and 7. Subtract left margin (the smaller number) from right margin (the bigger number). That’s the inches on the page. In this example, 6 inches on the page. Now take the characters you want per line, in this example 52, and divide that by 6. In this example, 8.66 or 8.67 characters per inch should give you 52 characters per line. 

Recap: Subtract left margin from right margin to get inches on the page. Divide desired characters per line  by inches on the page.

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