NCRA Amendment Proposals

A short post encouraging everyone to read and eventually vote on the recent NCRA amendment proposals. Though I have not been the NCRA’s greatest fan in most recent times, I do believe all of the bylaw changes are necessary and good. I do believe I will be voting yes on each, and I encourage everyone to vote as their heart tells them to vote. In a quick summary, it deals with a lot of clarification regarding who is a voter and maybe most impactful of all, changes the name to National Captioners and Reporters Association. I see this move as inclusionary and reasoned. Many court reporters are upset that we are moving away from the court reporter title, but I do believe there is a bright side to the change.

There are two things I have commented on in the past that are worth mentioning though, and it’s unfortunate to not see them mentioned, nor see any mention of them. One, the price of CEUs had been increased, as per my memory, and at that time I stood by NCRA’s decision to do that, and I retract that. I think given everything I know, NCRA probably shouldn’t increase the cost for instructors to make CEUs available. Accessibility is key.

The second thing that I had commented on, and stand by pretty firmly, is that the NCRA should continue to keep people’s testing legs for the lifetime of a membership. And I still stand by the statement that I would sacrifice my own legs, of which I hold 3/4 on the RPR, if the testing procedure would remain holding the legs for the lifetime of a membership. Again, accessibility is key.

Now, I’d have to ask anyone who takes the time to read this to really voice your concern about the legs, or anything you have concern over. Write NCRA. Perhaps that should’ve been something we voted on as a membership? But regardless, also vote on the proposed amendments. I basically put my stake in the ground and said I’m letting my membership lapse if the testing legs stop being kept for members. There’s literally nothing more I could do to convince anyone of how seriously I feel on the issue. And if anyone feels as I do, please speak up. Please vote on the amendments. Please be an active part of the association and profession for as long as you are a part of it.

EDIT. Important update. The vote should go to your email on August 2, 2018. That’s the date I have currently.

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