Stenonymous Challenged To GET CERTIFIED By New York Court Reporter!

As the registration window for the Certified Realtime Reporter certification by the National Court Reporters Association opened, I received a real challenge from one of the gems of our profession, Amelia Moller. She wanted me to show our students and newbies how it’s done, so that’s exactly what I intend to do. I’m going to register and try to get my CRR certificate this November! Amelia and I are going to do this together and shoot for that CRR, and we’re asking you to join us in our push for certification.

And there’s good news for students and new professionals that want to join the challenge: I upped the stakes and set my own challenge for the Paying It Forward team. I challenged them to use all donations from the next seven days to sponsor* new or young reporters that are going to try to get their certifications this round. The criteria for such sponsorships will be set by them. Allison Hall and Traci Mertens have proven themselves to be trustworthy with our money and a major force in breaking down the financial barriers that stop young or new professionals from succeeding. If you’re looking to sign up for your Registered Skilled Reporter exam or Registered Professional Reporter exam and simply do not have the funds, it’s time to reach out to Allison Hall and/or Traci Mertens.

Check out the video announcement of this challenge. Feel free to donate to Allison Hall on any of the platforms listed below the challenge launch video! Any amount of money is extremely helpful and goes to making sure students and court reporters have support they need.


Venmo: Allison-Hall-89


Google Pay:

*Any funds not used to sponsor students will be moved to the Paying It Forward general fund on October 21, 2021. The fund assists students and young reporters in need. I have no control over the fund, nor do I make any money from the fund. It is vital for stenographic reporters in need to reach out today.

For more information about machine shorthand stenography, check out NCRA A to Z, Project Steno, Open Steno, or Stanley Sakai’s Quick & Dirty Steno.

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