Scam Email Targets NCRA Members – August 2022

A scam email was sent around to some National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) members claiming to be for fundraising for “treatment” for “Mindy” and “Kevin,” a fabricated one-year old. Many stenographers received their first alert of the scam from Margary Rogers, NCRA Membership Committee Chair, and the group NCRA Membership Matters.

Scam email targeting members of the National Court Reporters Association sent to

One of the main giveaways that this was a scam was the domain name, The NCRA’s domain is

This blog has a history of reporting scam activity in our industry and informing readers about scams. It seems natural to join the chorus of voices helping get the word out so that not one of us is fooled by would-be scammers.

The National Court Reporters Association released a statement immediately, and took measures to educate members on scams.

Response to the activity of scammers by the National Court Reporters Association

As a general rule, scammers play off human bits like fear and sympathy. Any time someone is trying to get you to act without thinking, you can be sure a scam or propaganda will follow. The name of the game is manipulation, and our alertness and critical thinking skills are how we win the game.

Our communities and associations are seeing increased scam activity in recent months. We mustn’t allow scammers to pull at our heartstrings and take our hard-earned money. A sincere thank you to those that fight to keep members informed. We need you now more than ever.

One thought on “Scam Email Targets NCRA Members – August 2022

  1. All the more reason to use CoverCrow. CoverCrow is not an agency; it is not a directory. CoverCrow is a private, exclusive network that connects court reporting agencies and court reporters to cover legal proceedings and other types of non-legal proceedings. We vet all of the court reporters on our system to ensure they meet the state licensing requirements and that they are professional court reporters who are using either stenographic or voicewriting methods. We do not allow digital recorders on our platform and never will. The information of our members is totally private and protected and never shared without your permission. We protect our users from scams like this. It is for this reason exactly, the public nature of the NCRA Sourcebook & ProLink, that I’ve removed my listing after getting strange email requests and spammy transcription requests.

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