Veritext’s Digital Reporter Ad & Assorted Thoughts

Has anyone seen anything like this for steno?

Veritext ad for digital court reporting instead of stenographic reporting.

If yes, I think a valid argument could be made that the company does, as it has stated in the past, support all its contractors. Please throw it up in the comments.

But if not, let me humbly suggest that Veritext is clearly expanding digital over steno because it likely has financial interests in digital court reporter training. If successful, it means fewer opportunities for our stenographic students.

This goes to my previous comments, that their actions can exacerbate our stenographer shortage. When you put a spotlight on the demand for something, you pull attention from other things. We now have evidence on this blog of constant digital reporting spotlighting from companies that claim to want and need stenographers. Other than supporting that school over in Maryland, I rarely see stenographic support from Veritext. This is why the shortage exists. There’s not a clear strategy beyond hedging.

When the available evidence suggests digital technologies are not up to the task of reliable transcription and these folks are all piling their effort and money into it, I really think it’s fine to stop supporting it. If you’re somebody that’s got to work for them, I get it. Otherwise, why contribute to stenographers’ elimination? Perhaps if the company were to just be honest, “this is the direction we’re going,” I’d feel differently. But it’s been a complicated maze of claims and actions.

While we’re on the topic of Veritext, let’s talk private equity. There were a number of research firms looking into our field recently. It’s possible that one or more of the PE giants was looking for a buyout and buyers were looking into the field. Though this is mostly speculation on my part. It is still a mystery how profitable those PE giants are. The whole thing is troubling because in the event one or more of them are zombies they’ll be able to operate until cash flow is a problem, all the while influencing the market. That would be like stenographers being able to operate at a loss for multiple years — we could all offer $1.00 per page if big money was subsidizing us.

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4 thoughts on “Veritext’s Digital Reporter Ad & Assorted Thoughts

  1. I agree with you. If the big boxes spent even half the money on advertising for steno/mask students as they do on digital, we would have more people in schools. But the problem is they obviously don’t care that digital is not approved in many states as long as they make those all mighty dollars. They will continue to skirt around the laws in favor of their cash strategy to make more money off the backs of reporters who built their businesses for them. SMH. And reporters need to stop working for these companies. I am one of those people who supported them until I saw the writing on the wall and quit in 2011. All of you can do this. There is plenty of work out there without supporting the people who are trying to ruin our industry and take food off our tables. Continue working on your skills and keep spreading the word that we are the gold standard and why.

  2. I have always wanted a “flexible house” too. I wonder if that is the kind of proofreading they expect to receive from their digitals?

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