Veritext’s Pro Steno Ad

Recently came across this ad. Since it’s so close in proximity to me asking whether the company does anything to actively promote stenography the way it does digital, I thought this was noteworthy and deserved to be shared.

Unfortunately, sometimes the link brings me to the Facebook reel and sometimes it says the reel is no longer available, but it’s one of the things out there in the world promoting the profession.

If you land on something like this, you’re in the right place.

I can’t help but wonder if maybe all these outfits were taken in by the buzz created by STTI, assumed the stenographer numbers would be too low to be meaningful, and then were all taken by surprise when we actually turned out to be robust enough to organize against the corporate narrative of “there just aren’t stenographers.” The truckers had to deal with the same narrative, after all.

But regardless, happy to see some stenography ads by Veritext. Hope to see more. I believe in our ability to recruit and maintain the profession even without the larger companies helping. With the larger companies helping, it would be a breeze. We could move out of this era of trying to erase the stenographic modality and into one where we focus on the customer service skills of the field. Maybe we’ll even address the pay concerns I’ve raised.

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