JurisQ Seeks Stenographer Brand Ambassadors

I was approached via LinkedIn by an employee of JurisQ. They claim that they have an opportunity for stenographers to gain a side income by recommending JurisQ to lawyers. I asked for something to give my Stenonymous audience more info, and I got this:

“An opportunity for Stenographers to become a JurisQ Brand Ambassador, enhancing income by thousands of dollars a month.

Stenographers work with many different attorneys. JurisQ has an amazing service for them to convert more clients. All you would have to do is recommend us to them and you earn a commission! It is as simple as that!

Our Company, JurisQ, produces Legal Brand Videos and Legal FAQ Videos discussing a legal topic that is relevant to attorney’s practice area.

The Videos are used to enhance law firm’s Website Blog, Social Media and YouTube.

Our Directory of Attorneys with Legal FAQ Videos is here: https://jurisq.com/our-clients/

We also have unique Digital Marketing tools that will drive more traffic to the lawyers’ websites, gaining them more clients.

Please let me JurisQ of a good time to connect so we could go over the process or schedule a meeting with our CEO, Michael Levites, here:

(Calendly) or Michael@JurisQ.com

I look forward to hearing from you!”

Obviously, there are some things my audience should keep aware of. They’re claiming this can become a fairly lucrative side income. But you really want to focus on how that’s going to happen if you reach out to them. Don’t let anybody make promises they don’t keep. Feel free to report back to me if there are unkept promises. But I have no indication they’re anything but above board.

Of course, if other brands have opportunities or discounts for court reporters and stenographers, feel free to reach out to me. It would be a dream for the companies in the field to realize what a boon independent speech is to the industry and offer stuff to my audience. The site draws thousands of visitors each month. In a field of 30,000, it serves as a communication gateway to get important information to stenographers and court reporters. If brands start commingling with the whole loud media personality thing I’ve got going on, it’s a real chance to enhance the economic ecosystem in court reporting & stenotype services and bring passionate individuals into the field.

Stenonymous releases February 2023 view numbers.

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