Tell Your Business Story with Beginnings by Recollections

Al Betz is a man that’s all about sharing stories. Not long ago, through his amazing work with Stenographers World, he helped me share some of the research I was doing on events in our field of court reporting and captioning. I’ve come to find out that he started helping people preserve their life stories over 30 years ago. This has now led to a company and product devoted to helping business owners of all sizes tell their story and build their brand. This is what he had to tell me about it:

“Whether you are a solo practitioner with a small client base, or an agency with a significant client base, you have a story to tell that everyone in your sphere of influence wants to hear. Recollections is a Division of Outfluence, LLC. Recollections is a personal history/marketing company. Beginnings is a product designed to tell the story of your business. The applications of your story are many, and Recollections will guide you into the marketing of your story literally for years to come. Visit us at where you can learn more about us and purchase Beginnings. At that point we will contact you to prepare for and conduct our interview.”

Every last one of us has a story to tell, and the Beginnings product is on sale right now. If you’ve ever needed some marketing help, now is the time to reach out and get it.

Of course, my personal thanks to Al for sharing this. A lot of my writing is geared toward getting reporters to think competitively in our modern market. That’s a nice ideal. But it’s businesses like his that help build the skills needed and craft the right message. Your message. Go check it out.

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