Lawsuit: Huseby Charged Us $8 a Page for a Copy

Before I start, I should be honest, the truth is a bit more technical than the headline. So here’s the truth: A May 18, 2023 complaint was filed in South Carolina, Stephenson & Murphy LLC, versus Huseby, LLC d/b/a Huseby Global Litigation.

I’m going to post the complaint. I reached out to Stephenson & Murphy LLC, but didn’t receive any communication back.

“…Effectively, firms like Huseby violate South Carolina law by reallocating costs without consent or court order. This case also involves the practice of national court reporting firms charging excessive fees and costs to parties that did not hire them and never agreed to pay such amounts.” – Stephenson & Murphy LLC v Huseby LLC

Originally I was going to post some commentary, but I’ll let this speak for itself. I have not looked for an update on this filing since I was first sent the complaint in May 2023, so take it for what it is.

4 thoughts on “Lawsuit: Huseby Charged Us $8 a Page for a Copy

    1. We’re not all corrupt, and I think attorneys recognize that.

      In all industries you have the ones ruled by money, the ones ruled by ethics, and pretty much everything in between.

      The opaque nature of our field allows a lot of mistreatment of workers, students, and consumers. I am hopeful that by standing up and saying “no more,” I will encourage others to rise.

      What that makes me… I’m sure people will let me know.

  1. I wish more law firms would look closer at their invoices and take a stand against this corrupt practice.

    1. I suspect it’s going to happen in waves. Some are already standing up against it. As word spreads, more will join.

      This is one of the reasons I sought funding from stenographers. We court reporters control enough money annually to create advertising campaigns that make big box’s look tiny.

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