Steno Imperium Offers $1,000 to Confirm Alleged Veritext Policy

Steno Imperium is at it again. Its most recent post claims a former Veritext employee mentioned there is/was a policy to have 50% digital throughout all offices. $1,000 is being offered for any document proving this.

I’ll be looking for developments on this. If it can be confirmed, then the next question is whether these offices have anywhere close to 50% today.

The post also claims that Andy Fredericks, COO of Veritext, stated that digital was 10% of California market share in 2021. It’s hard for me to believe they were able to expand that to 50% over two years.

It must be pointed out that the expansion of digital jobs is ultimately a loss of stenographer jobs that will drive down demand for our students and probably force more school closures. Forced diversification of the workforce allows them to bump stenographers whenever they want and keep digitals and stenographers hungry. Hungry digitals and stenographers compete with each other and come down on their price. Winner? Big box every time. Realtimers should really start paying attention. The digital side has already started saying they have realtime. They’re going to start swapping you all out too.

I believe we should keep letting digitals know the value of the work they’re being given. Imagine, for example, someone being paid $15 an hour learns the value of the work they’ve been given was $75 an hour. What happens? The smart ones start asking for more. What if we could mathematically show digitals the total value of stenographer pages converted into hourly form? That’s what the conversion calculations at the bottom of this post were all about. What do we have to lose? Apparently some of the big boxes are already set on replacing the jobs despite the science, equality, and quality issues I’ve written about in the past. Might as well give them a little run for their money.

Have to hand it to Steno Imperium for gathering this info, putting it out there, and trying to gather more solid proof. Thanks!

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