Planet Depos Expanding Its New York Stenographic Team August 2023

This came to my email recently.

In short, it seems Planet Depos is making an effort to expand its New York stenographer base.

I’ve been pretty down on the company in the past and lumped them right in with the Speech-to-Text Institute’s other deceitful, fraudulent players. Hopefully everybody reading can appreciate me saying that if Planet Depos New York is going to treat you right, reach out and grab a spot. But remember that they have access to all the economic data you do and more when you’re negotiating. Don’t let anyone pressure you into selling yourself short.

As always, hopeful that some of these executives have taken the time to look at some of the information published and realized that there’s just no replacement for a culture and society of excellence. We sharpen our recruits so that they do great work with your company. Today’s students are 100x smarter than I was at their stage of the game and that’s a mere 15-year gap in education. A company that recognizes that and capitalizes on it, say, for example, by instituting company-wide sales training and bonus incentives for stenographers, is going to generate much more revenue than a company that’s trying to nickel and dime its reporters. It’s a collaborative experience with your employees and independent contractors where everyone grows together rather than an adversarial one where you’re constantly trying to outsmart your own workforce. Kinda weird that the adversarial lampoon website needs to tell the collaborative big business geniuses that, but that’s okay, I’m weird too.

Good campaign. Really caught my eye. Hoping it’s not just eye candy. The last thing I want to point out is to be careful with that whole “perks to partnering” section. There are some reporters that would find those not to be perks or even standard with the job at this point in history. It could put off some of your highest-performing prospects, because those are the ones that have the highest standards for working with you. It is a quirk of human psychology and pretty much the same reason your organization doesn’t pay me to write for it (hint: it’s insulting).

Planet Depos seeking more stenographers, published by
Planet Depos seeking more stenographers, published by

PS. I do actually think you business types are geniuses, small businesses included. But unfortunately the direction things were headed in was putting years of my mentorship and work at risk based on a lie.

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