Stenonymous Says What Weekends? August 26, 2023…

TLDR: Scroll to bottom, click link.

I got down to thinking of a way to engage readers more and spotlight opinions that aren’t mine (because that was the whole point of Stenonymous and what I wanted Stenonymous to be about). Back in “the day,” I asked people to sign up as official authors and write articles. That doesn’t speak to people. That’s okay.

But it leads me to wonder what will speak to people. Perhaps we can have a sort of “letter to the editor,” type thing where people could air their disagreements, agreements, comments, information, request response, make public suggestions. Whatever you want the Stenonymous community to know/see, barring abusive language. I’ll even accept jokes about me, up to a point. It’ll be a skin-thickening exercise. People can use Stenonymous as a conduit to share information anonymously without the fear that comes from emailing me. Just make sure it’s somewhat court reporting &/or stenotype services related.

So without more delay, here’s our first Stenonymous Says What weekend. I’ll be sharing your submissions next weekend and soliciting more.

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