NCRA & The Elimination of the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting…

A Stenonymous source came through for me on something the National Court Reporters Association is doing to prevent the sunset of the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting. Advocacy Center link went out. Sample letter and phone call templates were released for those that want to spend the time standing up for standards in court reporting. Get ‘em from your state leaders.

National Court Reporters Association responds to the attempted sunset of the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting.

There were also posts on social media about organizing.

Just for the sake of completeness, the sample letter in my possession is available for download.

I don’t always have good things to say about the National Court Reporters Association, but I will say that their responsiveness to state issues has been much better than it was once rumored to be. One New York source, for example, said that many years ago, the source called about New York cutting Workers Comp reporters, and that person was reportedly told that it was a state issue and that they’re federal. That basically meant “not our problem, deal with it.”

Let’s just say that if that line of logic existed in the NCRA ethos, it doesn’t seem to anymore. The organization has taken steps to become more supportive of state issues. Indiana was one example I can recall off the top of my head as of writing. I’ve said it online before, we need to decide if we want a profession or a club. If NCRA keeps on this path of responsiveness and communication, it’s a good sign we want to be a profession. It’s a good chance we’ll succeed.

My only real gripe is it took a couple of hours for this information to be leaked to me despite having so many Stenonymous sources…

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  1. Last year NCRA was an immediate and MAJOR help in assisting ILCRA with a very pro-digital piece of legislation. It’s been a minute so I don’t remember all the details, but they brought our issue to the membership at large and our state legislators received SO MANY calls that the amendment was scrapped within a couple of hours!
    (this is Kathryn Thomas, in case my login doesn’t work)

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