New York: May Jobs Bring Lifelong Careers (2019)

This’ll be the May job postings I’ve come across. We’ve got a pretty good information network. People from all over scrape up NY work and post it around. It’s only fair that I continue the tradition and make sure everybody’s aware of where to find work in New York.

  1. New York Court Reporter Test filing closed May 9. Even if you have no intention of being a court reporter, you give yourself an option by signing up. A fine example. I have no intention of being a court clerk, but I’m going to take the test May 4 because it brings mobility. It gives me options. See our previous post on this. Read your orientation guide!
    Grand Jury Stenographer, Bronx. This has been open since Feb 2019. I’ve heard some rumors it’s filled — but the easiest way to not get the job is to not apply.
    No one is ever allowed to leave New York — but if you want a federal job, right now you’ll have to. Seven positions around the country, but not here.
    Make sure to check out Glassdoor and similar sites. There are stenographer jobs advertised today that you’re going to want to look into.
    If teaching is your dream, go look at your favorite school’s job postings. As an example, Plaza at this very second has posts up for court reporting and English adjunct instructors.

One of the most common reasons people don’t get the job is they do not apply. Do not be intimidated by potential rejection. If you want one of these jobs, go out there, grab it. You’re the protagonist of your story. Might as well do something you like. Doesn’t pan out? Try again next time. Think of any great story. How great would the story be if the main character hit a bump in the road and said well, better give up and never try again?

March Madness 2019 Job Postings

We’re going to rattle off job postings on the blog so that they’re accessible and shareable. Links may go dead with time but steno lives strong:

  1. Bronx Grand Jury
  2. Court Reporter Provisional – NYS Courts.
  3. Court Reporter Permanent – Filing TBA. NY Courts.
  4. Various freelance listings via Google.

Word of advice: For some jobs, but particularly private sector jobs, it is okay to apply even if you do not meet whatever requirements they’ve posted. For example, as of writing, eScribers says they want you to have an AAERT or NCRA certification. I’d bet money that if someone presented well and didn’t have a single certification, they’d work with them, because it’s about the money, and if you’re a producer, you’re a money maker. The only time it is bad to apply is if they want a service you cannot provide, like realtime.

And if you absolutely must leave New York, there are federal job openings in Kentucky, Florida, Vermont, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico. There’s also an electronic court reporting job in Massachusetts. Maybe someone more charming than me can convince the judges to use stenographers.