Stenographers, NY Courts Want You! (2019)

Let this be the Stenonymous bulletin about the June 2019 official court reporter test. I’ll first say we have already had many prominent stenographers pass these links around Facebook, so let these be the guide to getting a dream job. There is no thank you big enough to those reporters that have spread the word and brought everyone another opportunity to achieve career goals. I thank you. I admire you. I’ll emulate you.

Now for potential test takers: You can generally find civil service exams for the courts posted on the exams page of the New York Courts website. That exams page has an announcement and an application. There is also an orientation guide and practice dictation. The orientation guide, among many other things, states that there will be legal and medical terminology on the test. The Official New York Courts Facebook is even encouraging people to come to take this test and spreading the word about court reporting as a career.

Let me say this: Do not delay in filing to take this exam. The filing ends May 2019, and a lot of people tell themselves they’ll do it later and they forget. Even if you decide not to show test day, file, it’ll give you the option of showing up and getting the job. Additionally, read the orientation guide. In the past, phenomenal court reporters have failed the test because they did not read the orientation guide.

On that note, NYSCRA has announced free test prep classes for members both online and live. Any and every test preparation course one can take is important and stenographers who have the time should look into every option seriously. A big thank you to NYSCRA for organizing these sessions and making them accessible to all members.

Notably, earlier in the month Oscar Garzon announced he would also be providing test prep classes at a Manhattan location. We’ll be looking out for updates here.

If anyone has more information, feel free to comment below and get the word out to all potential test takers!

Completely unrelated: In the coming days we are going to briefly revisit the Language study that came out of Philadelphia and touch on many other topics that have come up in the past weeks. If you want to stay informed, do not be afraid to go to the Stenonymous main page and subscribe via email.

6 thoughts on “Stenographers, NY Courts Want You! (2019)

  1. I am very interested in signing up for the training classes that are provided in order to prepare for June 29th test.

    I have signed up for the nyscra training classes in the beginning of June but understand that there may not be enough applicants in order to have these classes provided

    Thank you

    1. It’s my understanding that Oscar Garzon is or was planning to conduct trainings as well. Have you reached out to him? I reached out to Local 1070 and CSEA unions about whether or not they have anything going on, and neither responded, so I myself am still seeking out training programs dedicated to this test and will try to keep on this issue.

      1. I would like to amend my last comment. NYSCRA has announced it will not cancel the class regardless of registrants or applicants. Make sure to sign up! Good luck!

      2. I’m so glad because I was really looking forward to classes in order to prepare for June 29th test
        I’m one of the people who signed up
        Emese camanelli

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