What’s A Taxes?

I just fielded a question tonight from a reporter wondering what kind of forms they need to fill out in terms of taxes. I won’t get too deep into the realm of this because I am not a tax preparer. I am not an attorney. I cannot give you any advice. I will take this time out to memorialize what forms my man filed for my 2016 taxes, so that people that want to go at it alone can at least give it a shot.

2016, federally filed: 1040, Schedule A, Schedule C- EZ, Schedule D (investments), 8949 (investments), Worksheet B of 1040, Form 8879.

2016, New York State filed: IT-201, Summary of W-2 Statements (might be something drafted by my preparer), NYWK_D (investments), NYWK_REF.

The bottom line is everybody’s tax situation is a little different, and I advise getting a tax preparer to help you navigate that rough, rough road.

That said, if you’re going to go it alone, you want to check out the IRS site and your state tax website. These tax-collecting entities often have hotlines that you can call for all your questions and tax-related needs. They want you to pay taxes, so they’re often very helpful in my experience.

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