My Writer Is Not Writing Realtime (Drivers)

So often we face problems in our careers. One of the most shocking issues is when we get a new laptop and our machines won’t write realtime. Fear not, I will explain it all. Generally, computers need to be “taught” how to talk with equipment. These “lessons” are called drivers. Drivers help your computer talk to “foreign” objects or hardware. Your printer uses drivers. Your USB flash drive uses drivers. Certain objects, like the aforementioned USB flash drive, install the drivers when you plug them in. Plug and play. That said, complex devices are usually incapable of installing themselves. When it comes to things like printers and stenotypes, often our only recourse is to go to the manufacturer’s site, download the drivers, and manually install them.

Just for a quick example of what the hell I’m talking about, check out this link right here.

Bottom line is you need to protect yourself. If you don’t have a copy of the drivers, get one today, because it costs nothing to be prepared, and the cost of being unable to write realtime is potentially high and undesirable.

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