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One of my long-term goals for this blog is to have people contributing to it and helping grow the knowledge base as well as the variety of opinions. I first put the idea out there on August 12, 2017, but I still feel it should be the point of this blog to get people writing, contributing, sharing regardless of whether or not they agree with me. After a great deal of pestering, I even got Joshua Edwards to write a little something for the blog.

I may try to put together a contest in the near future to inspire a little community among us. The blog does get a few dozen visitors a month, and many more when I advertise it, so I feel that the value of bringing people here and getting them commenting, reading, sharing ideas, can outweigh whatever I would spend on such a contest. Stay tuned. And in the meantime, if you would like to write stenonymously, contact me here or via email at ChristopherDay227@gmail.com and I will hook you up with contributor access.

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