Steno101’s Spotify Ad Has Taken Off

An amazing court reporter has started Steno101, a resource for people that want to learn about the field. In many ways it comes across to me as a newer version of Steno Search or my Resource Page, and it’s a welcome addition to the internet.

Steno101, luckily for us, has the resources to run Spotify ads. And this weekend, that’s what it set out to do.

Then the ad went live. And lots of people got to hear about steno this weekend, and will continue to throughout the week.

More clicks have occurred since I was sent this image. A lot of young people are now thinking “stenographer.”

This is what I have been fighting so hard for. A world where each person does just a little bit and we all come out better for it. We are on our way to a far more robust industry. It’s thanks to people like the Steno101 creator and all the other professionals in this field fighting to educate within and without the field. It’s thanks to the people doing the work all day, every day. We have seen the future of legal records if we don’t beat back the shortage, educate reporters on basic economics, and call out the companies making our industry an undesirable one to work in. As these things fall into place, we will see a dramatic expansion of the workforce, and pretty much everybody’s going to benefit. So if you can direct one person to Steno101 or a similar resource like Steno101, NCRA A to Z, Project Steno, or Open Steno, please do so, it’ll make a real difference for all of us.

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