Illegal Conduct in Court Reporting Explained

I’ve put out two videos. One explains the illegal conduct being taken against attorney consumers. The other explains illegal conduct taken against student consumers and how we defeated that recently.

There appears to be horizontal conduct occurring in our field. Speech-to-Text Institute, Global Alliance of Speech-to-Text Captioning, Veritext, and US Legal all appear to be giving misleading data on the shortage to lull consumers into being okay with digital court reporting. With Veritext and US Legal specifically, they are not trying hard to recruit and wedging digital court reporters in under the guise of shortage. Out of all of them, Global Alliance seems the least culpable. The most I’ve personally seen them do is ignore the data that digital court reporting is bad news for captioning.

From the student angle, USL bought and killed Stenotrain. Veritext uses digital court reporting trainer BlueLedge. BlueLedge partnered with Ed 2 Go, a company that was using ESYOH splash pages to lure student consumers into digital court reporting. When we alerted ESYOH to the illegal conduct, ESYOH helped kill the illegal splash pages.

I’ve done a few things to push for action. I’ve posted right to NCRA’s pages that there should be action. If this discussion is killed, let us all ask why. Our brave volunteers on STRONG and in other committees are fighting very hard to protect this field. The organization needs to throw its weight on this problem.

Also on the freelance page, Facebook.

I’ve also posted to Reddit. User Tracygee immediately pounced on my recent mental health issue. This is bullying to silence me, nothing more. Another user, Dozzi92, jumped into say she’s right.

But guess what? When challenged, Dozzi92 backed down. Turns out they can’t contest the veracity of what I’m saying. They just don’t like that I’m saying it.

*it’s honesty that’s frankly refreshing. Stenographers make typos too.

The bottom line is that we have a national association membership that is fighting tooth and nail against this stuff. My detractors have nothing to point at except “he had a medical issue in December 2021!” The national association must get behind its volunteers with the full support of its general counsel and funding. If not now, when? We have brave leaders like Stacey Raikes giving their all for this profession. We support them. We must demand NCRA give them full operational support. Often we are told that NCRA is busy with this or that. There’s no boot camp this year. How about that time is used purely on this issue, since this issue affects the health and future of our entire profession and the NCRA itself?


Tracygee resorted to lying about me on that Reddit post. I feel it is important for our field to see.

For clarity, this is an urgent and important issue. ESYOH is being used to lie about NCRA’s position on digital court reporting. I have alerted NCRA to this issue.

This is not true. NCRA never predicted over 33,000 digital court reporters could be needed by 2033.

2 thoughts on “Illegal Conduct in Court Reporting Explained

  1. I loathe people who make personal attacks to try to strengthen their argument. Keep up the good work, Chris Day!!! You’ve got a whole legion of people who believe in what you are doing and stand behind you 1000%!

  2. When they can only hit you with your prior mental health issues (and who hasn’t felt like they were having one or were about to have one at one time or another) and not the veracity of your statements, that says a lot. Keep up the good work, Chris.

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