The Hilarity of Veritext’s Silence

2019: A VP of Veritext makes some post or writing explaining that digital court reporting would change the landscape of our field. Veritext allegedly fires her and states stenography is the lifeblood of our industry.

Clipped from Stenonymous links found here.

2020: Veritext issues a letter trying to emphasize the dire shortage stats, stats that I later poked holes in. Even in 2020, I knew. Real change from lifeblood, huh?

2021: A public awareness campaign is launched over the bad stats and dishonest behavior in our field. Thousands of people see it.

2022: I’m openly calling them fraudsters. If you Google Veritext fraud I come up. No more open letters for stenographers?

Christopher Day posting about Veritext on Facebook, forgets to mention Cover Crow.
Veritext not looking for stenographers on LinkedIn.

Veritext shares an interesting quirk with U.S. Legal’s Peter Giammanco. Both seem just fine bullying or gaslighting women and seem to shrivel up when challenged. The pro-steno things both companies do are appreciated, but it’s pretty clear that they’re hedging their bets in the steno v digital debate, and I’m done giving them the benefit of the doubt.

The question remains, what to do about all this? The government’s inert. A lot of the reporters working with big box can’t be seen opposing big box. I’ve simply run out of money for the social media advertising — thank you to those that continue to help. I do have plans to further the public awareness campaign and I look forward to sharing them soon.

What do you all think?

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