Guess Who Was In Indiana Earlier This Year…

There’s been quite a bit of speculation as to who or what might be behind the proposed ban of stenography from Indiana courts. One reader provided a hunch. As it turns out, Steve Townsend’s TheRecordXchange was down in Marion County Courts making friends.

TheRecordXchange posts about a partnership with Marion County courts just prior to the revelation that there was a proposed ban on stenography in Indiana courts.

Now, I should note there’s no real direct proof that Townsend or TheRecordXchange were the driving force behind the ban proposal. But it’s a neat coincidence that they’re making inroads there right around the time such a rule change was proposed.

Maybe our problem is we’re not hungry enough. We sat on our superiority and rode it as far as we could ride it. These folks have been systematically making friends and pushing on our territory for years. I admire the sheer determination and business sense. I weep for us if we can’t get our act together and push back. Our collective resources are leagues ahead of anyone else. We should be able to do it. Apathy’s the only thing holding us back.

But will it much longer?

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