NYS Courts: Court Reporters’ Work is Integral to Our Democracy

I think this one will speak for itself. In recognition of Court Reporting & Captioning Week, an Office of Court Administration Broadcast went out today from the Honorable Tamiko Amaker.

This is a rallying cry for court reporters seeking provisional or permanent employment in the New York State Unified Court System. This is a court system that understands your value.

The text is provided below the images for those that rely on screen readers.

NYSUCS OCA Broadcast for Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2023. Part 1.
NYSUCS OCA Broadcast for Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2023. Part 2

Good afternoon.

In commemoration of National Court Reporting Week (February 4 to February 8, 2023), and on behalf of Acting Chief Judge Anthony Cannataro and the entire UCS leadership, I wish to extend my gratitude to our highly skilled corps of court reporters across the State–who play a critical role within the New York State courts and justice system–for their hard work and commitment. 

As “guardians” of the court record, UCS court reporters are responsible for producing a complete and accurate record of court proceedings, including trials, hearings, conferences and arraignments, preparing verbatim transcripts used by attorneys, judges and litigants. This important work requires special training, along with excellent language, research and organizational abilities, among other qualifications and attributes.

         We are constantly looking to hire court reporters. Any graduate of a court reporting school or program who is interested in a fulfilling career in the courts may apply to work as a provisional employee, working in the criminal, civil and Family Court, so please pass the word on, and join me in expressing thanks to our dedicated UCS court reporters for their outstanding efforts throughout the year. Their work is integral, not only to the judicial process but to our democracy.   


Thank you.

Hon. Tamiko Amaker

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