Shortage Solutions 16: Looser Deadlines

It seems almost a waste to make this its own post, but the thought occurred to me that if the shortage was really a pressing concern and something the agencies wanted to help alleviate, they might just take work a little later.

It varies from case to case and isn’t something that can be done everywhere, but in general, at least in New York, the deadlines have remained the same over the years. If anything, they’ve tried to demand transcripts even sooner than the two-week turnaround that existed when I started out.

It would not only enable individual court reporters to take more work, but also help draw the existing pool of reporters to an agency that’s easier to work for rather than trying to squeeze them for every ounce of productivity they can.

It’s not CoverCrow, but it’s still an idea.

2 thoughts on “Shortage Solutions 16: Looser Deadlines

  1. So what is CoverCrow? And how does it solve the problem of the shortage? Maybe a Stenonymous article on that is long overdue. 😉 You’re always invited to have a walk through with the visionary and creator.

    1. If you clicked the link, you’d see that it was covered under Shortage Solution 15. You should get the agencies to buy in. They’re going to do more for you than Stenonymous at this point.

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