PSA: The NCRA Does Not Sell The Convention Attendees List. Ignore That Email You Got!

There’s an email that goes out to many NCRA members about letting them acquire the attendance list of the NCRA convention. I first came across this maybe two years ago, and when I asked the NCRA at the time, they said they don’t sell that information.

The email is making rounds again, and it’s been confirmed on social media by various court reporters that this is a frequent occurrence and that NCRA does not sell the data.

The safest thing you can do with regard to any email about the attendees list is delete it!


I later came across this post by NCRA President Jason Meadors.

NCRA President Jason Meadors warns court reporters about the member data scam.

A court reporter later shared the text of a communication they received from NCRA regarding this issue:

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