Text Game: Beat Up Stenonymous!

Well, I haven’t had the drive to keep working on that text game I started when I released the joke game “Extreme Court Reporting Simulator 2023.”

But I did write another joke text game, this time in Python 3. And using the Replit website, you can play it on mobile right now!

Ultimately, what this game is:

You tell the game your name.

You tell the game your enemy’s name.

On your turn, you get to attack, heal, or power your steno machine, which you need to heal you.

Your enemy gets a turn to attack or heal, and it makes its decisions using Chris Day technology™️, a proprietary method of decision making by advanced video game AI characters.

Whoever hits 0 health first loses.

The beauty of this game is that there’s no online connectivity. It will never feed me back information about what you do. So this one’s for my haters, you can beat me up in this game, take screenshots, laugh at it, whatever. I’ll never know unless you tell me about it. But if you tell me about it I’ll be happy you played my game. Enjoy.

I guesstimate it’ll take 5 to 10 minutes to complete and is a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether it’s a positive experience is pretty much up to you.

Go check it out!

(If you have Python 3 installed on your computer, you can also use the .py file to play it. You do not need that if you use the Replit site version. My blog does not allow uploading of .py files, so I am uploading the .txt of the code. This can be changed to a .py file the same way you change any file extension.)

Chris Day fights himself in the critically acclaimed text-based game Beat Up Stenonymous.

Anybody interested in a text-based, court-reporting-themed rock, paper, scissor game or magic 8 ball? These are things I have the ability to do today. With some more time learning, I’m hopeful I can bring more interesting projects to the table, maybe even with some nice graphics.

That’s all, folks!

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