StenoCaptions LLC Issues Statement Against Terrorist Group Hamas

StenoCaptions LLC issues statement after the 2023 attack on Israel.

I’m still on my hiatus, but my best friend’s company issued a statement recently, so it’s getting recognition.

To be honest, I remember a time when it was taboo for businesses to make even the slightest comment on social issues. Now it seems much more commonplace. Perhaps it’s for the better. Society lived under this false belief that work and life should be separate at all costs, don’t let one affect the other. But that’s not realistic, is it? What we do is very much a part of who we are, and sharing our positions gives us an opportunity to reconsider our own views or strengthen our communal beliefs.

To be honest, I share their view entirely. It’s worded perfectly. It condemns what was done, unlike some sources in the media. It acknowledges the suffering of everyone involved. It doesn’t re-traumatize the audience with a retelling of the gruesome things that are known to have occurred.

There’s not much I can do from my current station in life, but I will vote for anyone that I believe will work to bring an end to senseless violence like what the world has just witnessed.

Thank you, Wendy & Joshua, for having the courage to tie your brand to your moral compass. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s a big step forward in the evolution of modern business.

3 thoughts on “StenoCaptions LLC Issues Statement Against Terrorist Group Hamas

  1. And again, we don’t know the historical basis of why the Hamas has declared war on Israel.
    Many people have been displaced in that region. The people who are in Israel now were not the original people. The original people were displaced, killed, taken into slavery, etc.

    My desire is that everyone on earth would strive for peace and assure that everyone has what they need to survive, to work, to play, to be creative, to have safe neighborhoods, etc. Let there be peace on earth.

    1. I respect your right to say what you have to say, even on my platform. It would be nice if we could have peace and safe neighborhoods, but for as long as there are peaceful people there are those that would take advantage of them via war. People of peace must be ready to go to war lest they be controlled by the habitually violent.

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