California Court Reporters Board: U.S. Legal Violated the Board’s Practice Act…

A Stenonymous source has given me access to a letter from the California Court Reporters Board.

A letter from the California Court Reporters Board stating that the CCRB determined a violation of the board’s practice act by U.S. Legal Support

Quite frankly, I think this is great. We’ve had a real problem with licensing authorities shirking their responsibilities generally in the field of court reporting. And in fact, when I wrote to the Attorney General of California about some suspicious activity, they replied more or less that they wouldn’t be investigating because they’re tasked with defending the board. So it was kind of this bizarre world where, theoretically, if the people on the board were directly taking money from a big box, nobody would investigate anyway. LOL.

That was pretty distressing to me that something could be set up that stupidly and that none of the players in the game have the self-awareness to look at it and say “gee, that’s a stupid design. It makes corruption unassailable if the thing meant to investigate crimes won’t investigate crimes because it defends the thing handing out the licenses. Just bribe the thing handing out the licenses and it’ll never be found out by operation of the way this is designed.” Better yet, the players in the game would probably defend the stupidity of the design by insisting there haven’t been problems so far. But the bright side is that if the licensing board is doing its job now, my talking points from other blog posts about possible corruption in our field generally are moot. Sort of? I guess?

Special thanks to the CCRB for realizing that we’re not laying down on these important issues until we’re all retired, which was 2033 by Ducker’s best (outdated) estimate. Odd that the companies started the celebration a decade and a half earlier, all unanimously agreeing that digital was the only way forward. If only we paid dues to a large national organization that had the ability to read the report that that national organization itself commissioned and let everyone know that what some companies were saying about the shortage was untrue based on that organization’s own recruitment efforts. It would be a shame if a hobbyist blogger got around to doing all that before the multiple multimillion-dollar entities and net worths in the field of court reporting.

Anyone from Protect Your Record Project or California in the audience? What are your thoughts?


For non-court reporter readers and my extremely slow-growing revolution of anti-corporate activists bewildered by my capitalist leanings, we do have a national organization. My jokes don’t always land, especially via text, but I try. Oh, my God, do I try.

Deep thanks to my Stenonymous source. I don’t say it enough, but without you and people like you, I’d have nothing. No information. No artistic/autistic vision of how to get from point A to point B. No brand. This is my bond with everybody, the more support I get, the more I’ll use it to do the right thing. The more we can speak out against and call for the redesign of stupid systems.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with the world. So the CRB issues a cease and desist letter, putting them on notice that they cannot use the term “court reporter” unless they’re licensed. Now what? US Legal will just do what Planet Depos did, use “Digital Technologist” or some new BS title.

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