Bulletin: NCRA Ends Live Proctors for Online Testing

The National Court Reporters Association announced that testing procedures will now be a self-launched/self-authenticated process. I suspect this is a good thing. From my talks with people over the years and even slightly from my own experience I could see the pitfalls of the old way. Proctors were people given general training to administer general tests, and our testing process was reportedly facing problems because proctors were disconnecting or making unreasonable demands.

This doesn’t give you license to cheat though. Security issues are still going to be flagged and sent to NCRA for review.

I’m happy the NCRA’s responsiveness to members is going up. I wonder what “precipitated” that…

2 thoughts on “Bulletin: NCRA Ends Live Proctors for Online Testing

  1. That’s great! I’ve heard some stories …. but it might be more helpful for me if they would get rid of Realtime Coach. When I was using it for a two-week demonstration, I stroked one word (with Plover) and ended up being shunted two or three screens away from where I was.

    I complained, and demonstrated what was happening with one of their techs … who had no idea what was happening.

    I think that was two years ago.

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