NYSCRA Offering Test Prep

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The New York State Court Reporter’s Association is offering some test prep for the Senior Court Reporter Exam. The test prep starts October 28, 2017. The test is going to be mid December 2017. I won’t bore the audience tonight, but I will share this handy e-mail from NYSCRA that absolutely everyone should send to their friends.

Click here for NYSCRA E-mail Goodness

3 thoughts on “NYSCRA Offering Test Prep

  1. I have some court reporter friends who earn a minimal salary in another country who are desperate for assistance in succeeding in testing. Can we talk?

    1. In another country? We can certainly talk and I encourage talking, but I am unsure how much help I will be. The NYSCRA (NYSCRA.org) keeps a dictation library for its members. That dictation could assist in passing tests.
      Let me know what you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to find it.

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