F Keys Not Working

Just checking in with a little bit of helpful advice. Many, many people are having problems with their f keys, which are vital for one or more steno programs. My explanation of the issue to one lucky / unlucky Facebook poster was as follows:

“I will add to what others have said. Where they are saying you must disable function keys it is actually reversing them.

In old computers your f keys were your f keys. New computers require you to press the fn key, then the f key, then the command (all at once!!!). So there are ways to reverse this. Best way to do it is google something like reverse f keys (model) (windows version)

Reverse f keys HP window 10.

The word disable is not wrong but it can confuse some readers.” 

There you have it! If your f keys are not working, fixing them is likely only a google search away. As an example, here is a decent post for HP laptops.

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