State Associations write an open letter to NCRA about Corporate Partners

So Facebook has been lit up with people chatting about NCRA’s Corporate Partners program. Some are against it. Some are for it. Some are indifferent. It raises questions because once an entity is taking money from something, anything, its survival is somewhat tied, or perceived to be tied, to that continuing money.

Now, it’s my solemn belief that the board has the best interest of reporters and the organization at heart. I have my complaints about the way things are run, but overall, I do think the people in power are trying. That said, the state associations of several states have written to NCRA with questions about the Corporate Partners. They ask serious questions about how much revenue is expected.

I’d urge other associations and individuals to encourage the NCRA to answer to these questions. I believe that it’ll go a long way to transparency and confidence in the organization. Certainly, in my mind, the transparency is important. More important than my pet peeve over the change in test retention. The NCRA never responded to my letter about the test retention, and I don’t really blame them too much, as I’m only one guy. That said, if they answer this monumental letter fully and without beating around the bush, I think I’d take back my vow to let my membership lapse. And if they answer, you bet there’ll be another post on it as soon as I know.

  • Edit on August 1, 2018. It is brought to my attention NCRA responded and by my read of it they gave an honest and straightforward response. Stenograph paid 100k, Procat 25k, Esquire 50k, US Legal 25k, Veritext 25k; MacCormac College, Magna Legal Services, and Phipps Reporting paid 10k. They hope the program will come to about 20 percent of the operating budget. These were honest questions, with honest answers, answered quickly. I think this a sign that the people at the head of the organization are still interested in advocating for members and transparency, so despite my upset with the testing legs, I have to encourage people to read the response and keep the membership. My gut tells me NCRA is still fighting for us.
  • Edit on the night of 8/1/18. Later, this document was brought to my attention, and it has me wondering if maybe I should stick to my vow to allow the membership to lapse. It’s this very troubling decision over: Is the NCRA going to stand up for its members over its corporate partners? Their buying power is bigger than us no matter how you slice it, and at the very least, cause for concern and consideration.

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