Good News About NCRA’s Retention Policy

Well, credit where it’s due. People who had legs outstanding will get to keep them until November 2021. Honestly, I was mad at the change in retention policy and the decision that certification legs would now expire. I felt, I still feel, that it was an unnecessary extra burden in a profession where everything is already pretty hard. I feel like the more barriers added, the worse off we are. We need to be inclusive and help people along. Most of my career I’ve been an advocate for tearing the barriers down, and my feelings on the matter were so strong that I was openly considering walking away from the NCRA. That says a lot. I’ve been an advocate for organization, and I tell any person I mentor that they can get more deeply involved with the profession through state and national association membership. I even wrote them a letter saying I’d give up my RPR legs for them to not do what they were planning to do!

That said, my previous understanding was that the NCRA was having legs expire now, in October 2018. With this new understanding that the expiration is three years off, I find the entire thing much more fair. If I had this misunderstanding, it’s not unreasonable to think others may have, so just let it be known that if you had legs outstanding, you’ve got this email, and you have three years to earn your RPR.

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