Learn To Caption – Real Realtime by Anissa

So I received an email from and have read at least two testimonials about Learn To Caption. I feel it is important to promote all educational materials. I’ve extensively promoted the free basic learning materials at OpenSteno so now that I see something popping up and positioning itself to teach working reporters captioning, realtime, and possibly CART, I want it to be out there.

In New York City I’m told there’s a devastating need for CART providers. There are so many deaf or hard of hearing people that need the services of a professional CART writer that it’s not funny. But I am a true believer that the more we get the word out there, the more we can get people to be what’s coined Real Realtime. Though I first saw the phrase used by MaryAnn Payonk as far back as 2011, Anissa’s materials say that’s what she’s teaching people to be, so if you want to get Real Realtime give it a shot and feel free to comment about it here.

Am not in any way affiliated with Anissa.

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