Stenonymous Goes (Mostly) Ad Free!

We are happy to say we’ve upgraded the WordPress plan and you should see a lot less advertisement from random sources going forward. We were particularly annoyed by the ones that advertised stuff, namely all of them. Going forward, you should only see ads at the top or bottom of blog posts, instead of being inserted every five seconds at the whims of some magic algorithm.

The main page now has an e-mail subscription button. And now is a great time to subscribe, because the rate of postings will reduce while we work on site organization and article quality.

That said, if you’d like to support the free flow of information and site improvements, feel free to head over to the fundraising page and donate directly or buy a Sad Iron Stenographer mug!

On a more somber note, we’ve gotten an uptick of anonymous emails. We appreciate anything sent in, just know that on average we try to spin things into a positive message about moving forward. We appreciate all forms of humor, but won’t devolve into using this site to bully people or make accusations without evidence.

Last note: We promise every submission is read. Though we cannot create content for every single e-mail, we encourage the expression. One reader humorously challenged us to give instructions on how to like things on Facebook. We’re going to do it just to show some appreciation for the reader and celebrate fewer ads on the blog.

  1. First thing is first, you must watch this rendition of the Bear That Wasn’t.
  2. Take special note that it’s almost as good as the cartoon rerun that aired on Cartoon Network during the 90s.
  3. Then you get a cellphone or some other device with internet. Note that if you use a desktop computer, a mouse will make the whole ordeal way easier.
  4. Head over to Facebook and find a post you want to like, but probably something from Marc Greenberg or the Scire brothers.
  5. And then just click and/or tap like.

*EDIT 2/21/19

Notably the mobile view still seems to display ads smack in the middle of the page so serious consideration is going into turning them off entirely. You hate ads, I hate ads, we’re going to get them to behave or get the heck out.

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