September Submissions 2019

There’s a nice little blurb after the list of jobs. Also, if you’re feeling generous, reach out to a new person and tell them to save all the links in my Get A Real Job post.

I’ve neglected to mention CSR Nation in the past but it is a great place to look for work. There’s a Facebook job board too.

The Special Narcotics Prosecutor is hiring a grand jury reporter. Every once in a blue moon these temporary jobs become permanent, so don’t let the word temporary stop you from doing something new.

New York courts want court reporters. Even if you didn’t take the civil service exam, you may be able to grab a provisional position with the state. Also, if you are a senior court reporter, you have an opportunity to become a principal court reporter. Qualified? Go for it!

Southern District of New York, United States District Courts, has an opening for a court reporter posted. Also, by my count, the federal judiciary job search has 11 potential court reporter positions open nationwide.

Plaza continues to advertise that it has positions for court reporting instructors.

I do not have a link, but it is my understanding Bloomfield College in New Jersey is seeking a reporting instructor for theory.

That’s all I’ve got for jobs. Now about superpowers:

NCRA President Max Curry sent out an email blast not too long ago, and in it was the line, “Superman is not coming.” The main theme, in my words, is that there is no one person, idea, or even organization that will solve all the problems. We can do well united, but nobody has all of the answers. Everyone reading this has different strengths and superpowers. Everyone has a chance to make a difference.

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