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When I first found out my good friend Joshua Edwards was creating the nonprofit online speaking club StenoMasters, I was excited. I wrote about it right away. If you read the FAQ, the intention is to keep the dues as low as possible. It’s not a source of personal enrichment. I consider it a community and a chance for us to come together.

In my view, we are headed into a period of time where it will be vital for the stenographic reporter and his or her family to pick up some speaking skills. There are so many forces in life that will demand your silence. A club like StenoMasters is going to give you a safe place to develop your voice so that when the times comes you’ll be ready. Please join me at the inaugural meeting. It’s free! Even if you just go to lurk or observe, you will be helping others find their voice by providing them with that audience that so many of us struggle to speak in front of. If you have the time on October 4, it’s worth it. See the flyer below!

Can’t I just write everybody else’s speech?

2 thoughts on “Find Your Voice With StenoMasters

  1. I’ll be there! Please share this far and wide. Also, know your resources for being prepared to address bar associations and court admins and legislators. STRONG helped ready Nebraska Court Reporters Association yesterday for a panel discussion with the Omaha Bar Association and they did an outstanding job informing the attendees about the benefits of steno vs other methods of making the record. Education is crucial. Getting involved has never been more important.

  2. I am registered and will share this throughout social media. Learning how to speak up for the record and your needs as a court reporter is crucial. This is basically speaking up in public. As with everything else, practice = progress. Mastering how and when to speak, what words to use, facial expression, and intonation need to be practiced daily to achieve the greatest impact. The benefits of learning practical speaking tools include empowerment, poise, and leadership. Then the sky’s the limit on the impact of using these tools to educate all those we serve.

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