Upcoming Appearances with Stenographers World and PYRP

Tomorrow at 10 EST I’ll be on Stenographers World. Stenographers World has got lots of continuing education webinar offerings. From Bookkeeping to American Sign Language, there’s something for everybody. My segment tomorrow is likely to focus on the Stenonymous blog itself, some of the items I’ve recently covered, and my career generally. Maybe I’ll say some controversial things. Guess you’ll have to tune in to find out.

Following that up, Sunday, at about 1 p.m. EST, I’ll be on Zoom with Kimberly D’Urso and Kelly Bryce Shainline from Protect Your Record Project. Maybe I’ll say some controversial things. Guess you’ll just have to tune in to find out.

But in case you haven’t got the patience to wait for me to say something controversial, I’ll write something down. Last night I was pleasantly surprised, my whole “recruit digitals and make them more money” strategy is starting to pay off. A brave digital reporter on Reddit is making the switch and reached out to Redditors for advice.

Why would a digital’s fingers hurt? They make them type tag files. The one I saw was a completely useless one from Verbit.

So of course, I used this to tell Rick Levy from US Legal that US Legal’s digital recruitment strategy is doomed™️.

I’m not even bluffing him. They really have run an ad every day this week.

I really did accuse USL of lying to consumers.

I really do hope they’re all too stupid to listen to me. The longer this circus goes on and reporters see me doing this —

— the more likely they’ll join in. And when that happens, the numbers say we’ll win.

Remember, when the shoe was on the other foot and we were under attack, they had quite a lot to say.

So it’s quite telling that the company has no response now. If you want to capitalize on USL’s impotence and incompetence, pass my article to a lawyer or two. It’s lawyers’ clients that will suffer if USL’s shortage dream comes true. It’s their businesses that will get jerked around by bad business practices. Least we can do is let them know about ten years before it happens and see what they do.

Happy Friday.

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