Support A Steno Streamer Today!

There are so many ways for us to connect with one another and show support. One steno student is streaming steno on Twitch under the alias vaderbabe87. You can check out a sample video here.

We need to start reaching out to as many platforms as we can to build interest in steno, and where one of us is a dominant or growing force on a platform, we need to support them. That’s why I shared what I wrote on Quora with Facebook friends.

And that’s when the stenography student that I’m writing about today was cool enough to share her Twitch channel. So I laid out a 12-month subscription, which financially supports the channel and shows vaderbabe87 professionals don’t just talk about caring, we actually do.

If you share my vision with regard to showing our students there is serious support here, please consider signing up for Twitch, sharing her work, and subscribing for at least a month. As I told a new mentee yesterday, feelings of deflation or defeat can creep in easily in this field. Support systems keep our students practicing through the hard times. Subscribers and viewers will be a bigger support system for this amazing individual and her work. We’re with you, vaderbabe87!

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