Stenograph Customers Start Petition for Town Hall

A petition has been made asking Stenograph to acquiesce to a town hall meeting.

After Stenograph’s actions in Texas and Illinois, as well as the reports of declining service from the past and its questionable partnerships with TransAtlantic and TranscribeMe, Stenograph would ultimately be doing itself a favor to start reuniting with its stenographer base. In my view, all it would take for any of these companies under the Speech-to-Text Institute to sway stenographers back to their side is admitting that the Speech-to-Text Institute got it wrong with regard to the impossibility of solving the stenographer shortage.

Stenographers, now’s the time to make your voice heard. The petition only aims for a thousand signatures, but according to Stenograph’s own numbers, as I recall from the Illinois article, the number of Stenograph customers is much higher, in the 20,000 ballpark. The more we can do to spread the word, the more pressure Stenograph will feel to accept.

There’s a big question about who would moderate, but my money’s on Joshua Edwards. He’s always been fair and professional. He’d ensure no nastiness. Even I’d behave.

I assume they won’t accept. Then again, I’ve learned to never say never. I was told people would never read the blog. Now at least a thousand visit every month. Stenographers have a real chance at being a part of positive change by trying, so go sign today!

4 thoughts on “Stenograph Customers Start Petition for Town Hall

  1. I’m not going to sign this petition. Not that I don’t loathe Stenograph’s leadership, but do you seriously think you’re going to get any answers to these questions? Change? LOL! Let Mr. Dutta take the company to where it’s headed. Down the tubes. Let the EMPLOYEES start a petition. Why haven’t they spoken up or done anything for change?

    1. Fair comment. If we’re really lucky, the media will see how burned stenographers are by this company and run some more stories on it. So that’s why I believe signing the petition will be helpful even if Stenograph does nothing.

    2. Nothing ventured… No loss to signing. I would not expect employees to sign of customers refuse to.

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