I Made A Computer Program That Types Faster Than Any Stenographer Alive

In full disclosure, I’ve made two. (YouTube)(TikTok)

If you follow me on social media, you’ve likely seen these before, but the point still stands: Companies can make outrageous claims about their technology. It’s down to consumers to “trust, but verify.”

The joke is that in both videos I go on and on about how my programs are better than stenographers because they “type faster.” And they do. But the trick is that one is making up gibberish transcripts and the other is retyping text that it’s already been given. So I’m going “yeah, this technology is FASTER!” But that doesn’t mean anything. It can never take your job. It doesn’t learn. It’s a simple script I wrote that anyone can play with online.

Similarly, with AI, be wary about claims. To those not in the know, it seems like magic. Those in the know have an economic incentive to tell you it is magic and that you should buy it. Same goes for your clients.

All we can do is educate each other on propaganda techniques and march forward.

If any attorneys are watching, “they’ll” tell you we’re replaceable long before we are, as they have been for about 50 years. You guys cross-examine liars all day, so I’m sure you can figure this one out.

Most stenographers become work-ready at 225 words per minute

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