Stenonymous Promotes Naegeli’s Lawsuit Threat on Twitter — Naegeli Backs Off Threat

On Friday I made a post about how Naegeli charged about $11.50 per page on a copy sale. This is related to an original-copy cost shifting scheme that is common in our field. Within hours of the post, Naegeli gave me an ultimatum to take down the post. If I did not take down the post by 9 PST today, they stated their attorneys would be filing an action against me. So I did what any reasonable person would do and advertised what they did on Twitter.

About 8,000 people saw it.

About 100 people liked it. And I tagged the man responsible for the Young Turks network, Cenk Uygur.

I also wrote the Better Business Bureau since Richard Teraci no longer wants me to contact him directly. Luckily, Richard was dumb enough to respond to BBB, so I learned Naegeli has no intention of suing me.

“I am a coward that threatens news bloggers.” — Richard Teraci, Naegeli USA 11/22/21 (parody)

Reporters, you now see for yourselves that bullies will use all at their disposal to shut you down. If you hold firm, the bully will resort to whining. The bully’s power is derived from your self-imposed silence and restraint. The bully’s power is derived from the complicity and complacency of victims and bystanders. If we believe Richard, king of the bullies, he spoke to the other bullies, and they said STAY AWAY because the more people that find out about what is being done to court reporters, the more likely people will put a stop to it.

Don’t believe so? Just see what the general public thinks. See one man’s response to my Twitter question.

Stenographers, you are not alone. If you would take the time to send this article you’ve just read to your local news, it would go a long way to ensuring our message is heard and that the consumers being misled are given a fighting chance. Thank you.

Naegeli Threatens Legal Filing Against Stenonymous

I had a lot of fun writing the Naegeli article. When I was done with it, I let them know it was live.

In my defense, it was 7:30 EST.

Naegeli apparently doesn’t agree with what I’ve written. Richard Teraci told me the company’s attorneys would be filing suit against me if it is not removed by Monday, November 22, 2021 at 9 PST. My response can be read below. I also accidentally BCC’d a number of news organizations and field contacts so that if Naegeli fails to take legal action everyone sees it’s a barking dog with no teeth.

“Can’t wait. Supreme Court, Richmond County, New York State.” — Christopher Day 11/19/21 writing to Naegeli USA.

Unfortunately, Richard didn’t appear to appreciate my response much.

“You are not to contact me ever again. All communication from this point forward will be through our attorneys.” — Richard Teraci, Naegeli USA

Some companies seek to keep court reporters silent. Fear is a tool used to maintain silence. Either the company will fail to sue me and show you all there is nothing to be afraid of, or they will sue, lose, and show you all there is nothing to be afraid of. Either way, reporters across the nation will get to see this for what it is, a baseless attack on our right to free speech. More as this story develops.

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