So we came across Stenotrain for a second time around. Coincidentally it was already on our resource page. It is purportedly a US Legal company that trains stenographers. We were only able to pull up a couple of reviews on the program, and an article that shows they may have acquired it around January 2018. Unfortunately, as of writing, the full article is scrubbed and no archived article appears on our time machine today.

Let’s be clear: We’ve had some pretty not-nice things to say about US Legal in the past. We can honestly say that we are skeptical here. While the reviews we did find on Stenotrain were glowing, there were so few that it’s hard to get an accurate snapshot of what’s going on there.

There are two big reasons that companies acquire companies:

  • They believe it will make them money and want to provide a good service for a good return.
  • They want to mothball or dissolve the company to destroy competition.

Which one are we looking at here? I don’t know. Certainly it’s not mothballed or dissolved, but how many resources are put into that program versus what we have seen in terms of direct mailers and efforts to get digital reporters? These are questions only internal documents from those companies could answer for me, and until someone leaks that, I just won’t know. Hopefully we can take the glowing review or two I did see as a sign that this a serious and successful program going on right now. If you have anything to say about Stenotrain we encourage comments below. We have never censored a single comment on Stenonymous as of writing!

One thing is for certain though: We could use some entrepreneurs getting into the education business. I wrote recently about New York’s new process for creating a degree-granting institution. There’s no doubt that the startup costs are steep, but I think the best programs will come from those who look at such a challenge and say “so what?”

January 2020 Update:

It is apparent that Stenotrain has been dissolved or scrubbed from the internet. Its internet presence is basically nonexistent now, with my blog post being the number one Google result for it. I would say that this reinforces me feelings that US Legal is anti-stenographer, which is terrible not just for us, but the consumer. Please note that this article has been modified, the formatting was incorrect and displaying incorrectly for readers. It has been fixed as of January 2020.

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