How Many Errors Allowed?

Saw a post by a current student and steno star, Cristina Ameel, who took the time to make a table and spreadsheet to show how many errors you get at all the different speed levels. I thought that this was a worthy tool to have, so I used my computer to calculate all the different errors for a wide range of speeds and minutes. I’ll keep the spreadsheet for my results linked here. Just note that if you are using this as a guide, Cristina’s, correctly and in accordance with NCRA guidelines, rounds the errors up. Mine incorrectly rounds the errors down.

If what you’re looking for isn’t in either of our tables, just remember that to get the amount of errors allowed, five percent, you take the words per minute and multiply that by the minutes of dictation to get the number of words, then multiply the number of words by .05. This way, no matter how your school grades, you never have to be in the dark about how many errors you can make.

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